Monday, August 11, 2014

Telemarketing Magical Phrases

Prospecting Clients

You must make sure you have your prospect's undivided attention.  So you need permission to speak.  Asking for permission to speak by saying:

- May I ask you a quick question?
- Do you have a moment to talk about this now?

In-A-Hurry Easy Exits

- Thank you very much, I've only got a minute.
- I've only got a minute, I'll be real quick about this then I'll be on my way.
- I can't stay long because I've got another appointment.
- Folks, I don't want to waste your time or mine, so let's get right down to it.

Take Away

As soon as anyone shows even a glimmer of interest, start to reverse the process and take it away from them.  Start to make it a little more difficult for them.   Start a little more skeptical of them; letting them know that:

- Hey, I might not stay here much longer.
- Who do you know that might be interested in this?
- I don't want to waste your time, I don't want you waste my time, so before I go any further I do need to ask you a few questions. May I do so?

Appointment Setting

- If I’m with you more than __ minutes it’s because you have a bunch of questions, fair enough?
Take a look at our program/service, I promise you it will not take more than __ minutes, if I am there any longer at your home/office it’s because you ask me to stay, fair enough?

- You know something, maybe this isn’t for you but let me just ask you one quick question and I’ll get out of your way.  If I can show you how you would benefit from __________, would you give it any consideration?

Great! May I make a suggestion?

Let’s set a time to get together to discuss this further.  You can accept it or reject it, and if I’m in your office/home more than __ minutes it’s because you have a bunch of questions, fair enough?

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