Thursday, July 24, 2014

How To Get Through The Receptionist

Decision makers are never going to be easy to get hold of 100% of the time. And you have the receptionists/gatekeepers at the other end of the line preventing you from speaking to the decision maker. We can use some incentive approaches to make our odds of getting the message through a little more attractive, but we can never expect the impediment to vanish entirely. They are there, and if we can’t adjust to them, sales may not be the job for us.

Instead you use manipulative tactics to get through them, make your introduction warm and friendly, and realize that they are actually there to help you. Doing so, you will leave the pressure for you to try to get through them, instead simply ask for their help.

Top Three Techniques to Eliminate Screening:
1. Use Please
2. Give your full name and company name
3. Use instructional statements

"Hi! Good morning, could you please connect me with __________ please?”
Remember, it’s a receptionist's job to screen you out. So when they ask “Can I tell him who’s calling?”

You respond with “Please tell him Andrew Borda with the ABC Company is holding please.”
Just giving your name or company name invites further screening.

Receptionist: “Can I tell him what this is about?”
Andrew Borda: “Yes, please tell him it’s about (the problem your prospect is having or your solution). I’ll hold while you put me through.”

Always end with an instructional statement like "I’ll hold while you put me through"

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